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The first stage in the developing of a business or franchise model is the creation of a Business Model Plan. The Business Model Plan is a management tool that helps to define a company’s goals and objectives for potential lenders and investors. Business owners who uses the Dot-Com Business Incubator – Business Model Plan Software can produce a document that is used to apply for funding from private investors and financial institutions. A Business Model Plan will also help you to communicate your company’s management and marketing strategy to others including your management staff.

There are two types of software packages found in the Dot-Com Business Incubator ™. The first is a leadership training module and the other is a Business Model Plan Software with compartment modules that will allow subscribers to assemble information under major and sub-topics. Once completed, the subscriber can create a printed document that’s unique to their business, which can be presented to potential investors, lending institutions and others. These business model plans will help raise investment point scores, which are required by a new class of investors.

The minimum standard for enrollment in the Virtual Incubator Business System is the completion of a Business Model Plan. It is completed by business owners expanding beyond their local markets using our Business Model Plans Software which was developed for individuals to place information into compartmentalized data modules.  When the data is imputed into a Business Model Plan Template, it will produce a print document for which the owner can present to lending institutions and/or venture capital firms. 






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