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Certified Business Models and Franchises that are built in Virtual Business Development Incubators are developed and tested in the actual marketplace by 3rd party verifying organizations, such as the National Association of Home Based Businesses (NAHBB) and the Micro-Business Enterprise Association. These two organizations have business developers and consultants attached, they assist business owners before and after funding. The Certified Business Model or Franchise is a more predictable method of growing a business, thatís why itís preferred by private investors, banks and other financial institutions. The Certified Business Model is also used to increase the investment scores needed by new entrepreneurs and existing business owners who are seeking equity capital from a new class of angel investors and venture capitalists. The Investment Scoring System has brought major changes to the venture capital community and brought into existence the Investment Access Provider (IAP) and Equity Capital Manager (ECM) two financial specialist who caters to high net-worth investors. Angel investors and others use these providers to screen their investment opportunities based on a predetermined scoring range.

The Virtual Business Incubator System is a major part of a Business and Franchise Model Development Program. It provides business development services from concept to franchising. This is a private business development service that provides assistance to entrepreneurs and others who need a comprehensive Business Model Plan to give to a potential lending institutions and/or equity capital funding sources. The Virtual Business Incubator System include three types of online Incubators; Dot-Com Business Incubators, Exporters Incubator of America and MicroBusness Development Incubators.







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