The Franchise Incubator Accelerator is a business model development and equity capital funding service for high growth companies. The Franchise Incubator Accelerator was established as a one-stop shop for business owners who need both business model development and equity capital funding. The Franchise Incubator Accelerator shorting the time between concept and when a venture reaches the marketplace ready to conduct business. All accepted project begin with a general Business Model Plan which is used to build the Certified Business Model that can be developed into a franchise.

The Franchise Incubator Accelerator was established to provide equity capital funding access to business owners with business models and franchises. The Accelerator include a private network, of services. The CondoFran Franchise Incubator Accelerator helps small business owners’ by-pass banks and other traditional lending institutions and let them to go directly to investors. The enrollment fees include a percentage of equity shares in the company being developed; there are other up front charges for transforming a certified business model into a franchise.

There are two distinct methods of establishing a multi-unit franchise system; one is for single and another is for a dual-unit systems. Although, single and multi-unit franchising offer two different methods of franchising, they both have proven to be successful. The addition of dual-unit franchising will prove to be even more efficient and profitable than its predecessors. Industry Driven Franchise models use marketing strategies that can include all three. The Dual Unit Franchise System works well because it allows the developer to gather facts on where the inefficiencies lie within an industry, where the profit opportunities lie, and whether or not it is beneficial to venture into the industry in the first place. All this while still being able to have the same benefits as the other franchise models, but with speed and efficiency.








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